Jianfeng Chen


Crowdsourced Testing Worker Selection

Dec 2018 » Industrial
Crowdsourced Testing Worker Selection

This work first presents a new characterization of crowd workers and characterizes them with testing context, capability, and domain knowledge. Based on the characterization, we then propose Multi-Objective Crowd wOrker recoMmendation approach (MOCOM), which aims at recommending a minimum number of crowd workers who could detect the maximum number of bugs for a crowdsourced testing task. Specifically, MOCOM recommends crowd workers by maximizing the bug detection probability of workers, the relevance with the test task, the diversity of workers, and minimizing the test cost. We experimentally evaluate MOCOM on 532 test tasks, and results show that MOCOM significantly outperforms five commonly-used and state-of-the-art baselines. Furthermore, MOCOM can reduce duplicate reports and recommend workers with high relevance and larger bug detection probability; because of this it can find more bugs with fewer workers.

This project was cooperated with Dr. Junjie Wang (ISCAS).

TSE’19 paper